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The Pursuit of the Perfect Breech

Curious about what sets our breeches apart from the rest? Read our origin story to find out why we confidently call our breeches universally flattering and ultra-comfortable. And - discover what our ethos actually is.

When Ethos founder Stefanie Lain went shopping for breeches after a several-year riding hiatus, she quickly found herself discouraged. None of the breeches she was trying on seemed to fulfill every aspect she was looking for in a breech: functionality, style, a flattering fit, and an attainable price.

A lifelong horse lover, Stef grew up riding competitively, but when she decided to get back in the saddle after experiencing changes in her body from giving birth, she was conscious of the fact that most breeches just didn’t get the fit right.

Having worked as a stylist and costume designer in Los Angeles, CA for 25 years, Stef was keenly attuned to the elements of fit and style that make a person wearing a garment look and feel their very best.

She knew she couldn’t possibly be the only equestrian who struggled to find a pair of breeches that were stylish, flattering, and functional, without being overly expensive.

And, so, Stef decided to design a pair of breeches that checked all of her boxes.

After extensive sketching, interviews with fellow equestrians, and sample experimentation, Stef released the first pair of Ethos Equestrian breeches, the Logan, in 2020. Named after her daughter, it was an instant hit among the riders at her barn.

She had nailed not only the fabric, fit, color palette, durability, and price; she had also created awareness on social media and within her barn community of Ethos’ guiding principles of togetherness, gratitude, and partnership between horse and rider.

The messaging resonated with our early supporters, who eagerly spread the word about their new favorite breeches.

One of these first supporters was Renée “Sia'' Ericson, who rode under the same trainer as Stef at the time. Sharing a conscientious, values-based approach to horses, and to life, Stef and Sia formed a loving, supportive bond.

Sia was also one of the riders from whom Stef would solicit opinions as she was developing her breeches!

Sia then became one of the very first to buy a pair of Logans, and she was hooked - she loved the fit and feel. When Stef released the Wren and the New Wren, Sia bought those styles, as well.

Although she got some exposure to the fashion world through interning and modeling while attending high school in New York, NY, Sia went to college for business and economics in her hometown of Stockholm, Sweden, and went on to work in asset management.

When she reconnected with Stef at the end of 2022, Sia was exploring investment opportunities. Meanwhile, Stef had started thinking about bringing a partner into Ethos. They already knew that their values and personalities aligned; now, they discovered that their complementary skill sets could make them ideal business partners.

So, in April of 2023, Sia officially entered into Ethos as an equal partner in order to contribute her international business and communications expertise, as well as her network.

Since then, Stef and Sia have worked together to bring about the rebirth of Ethos Equestrian.

While the pursuit of the perfect pair of breeches remains the primary focus, Ethos’ mission has expanded into creating additional apparel that equestrians can truly feel good about wearing, and that also empower them in their endeavor to become the best partners they can be to their horses.

Ethos also strives to be additive to its community at large by working with family-owned and often woman-led manufacturers, by producing a number of products locally in Downtown LA, by pledging a percentage of our revenues to a horse rescue non-profit, and by sponsoring and supporting promising young riders and respected trainers.

Stef and Sia are so proud and grateful to get to be immersed in the world of horses - to get to use the Ethos platform to celebrate the indescribable bond between horse and rider, and to provide equestrians with feel-good apparel that lend them a sense of comfort, confidence, and luxury as they bond with their horses and perform their passion.

Ethos Equestrian: For those who live & dream horses.

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