Our Story

Our story is quite simple actually....
When you have a love for horses, a career as a stylist & costume designer in Los Angeles, and a past time of studying energy healing, you are bound to want to create an equestrian apparel line that focuses on stylish and functional apparel as well as the energy and togetherness with horses.  Right?!
Well, that is how Ethos Equestrian started.  Our founder Stefanie Lain started riding at age 7 at her local barn, in a suburb of Chicago.  Like most equestrian girls, she spent every waking moment she could at the barn with her horse.  This was the place that she could truly be herself, connected to her horse, feeling free.
And like some of us, that all ended when she went off to college.  It wasn't until many years later, after already working in Los Angeles as a Costume Designer and Stylist that Stefanie found her way back to horses.  And again, like when she was younger, she spends every moment she can at the barn with her horse.  However, this time with her daughter Logan in tow.
Ethos Equestrian came about one day when Stefanie was shopping for breeches.   As a mom, her body was not like how it used to be, and the experience of trying breeches on was well... not so fun.  Not only were the breeches not as flattering as she wanted, the ones she did like were way too expensive.  That was when Ethos was born.   
Ethos Equestrian is an equestrian apparel line dedicated to real women's bodies. Using high end technical fabrics, keeping them at attainable price points, adding flattering & stylish detailing, while being socially and environmentally conscious, Ethos Equestrian strives to be a brand you can truly feel good about wearing.  Together, We Ride!
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Stefanie & Finn