ETHOS EQUESTRIAN is an equestrian apparel brand for those who live & dream horses.

Since its founding in 2020, ETHOS’ mission has been to create a brand that you, as an equestrian, can truly feel good about wearing. What does that mean, exactly?

Our signature breeches are meticulously designed for an optimal fit. They’re made out of high-end technical fabrics for true women’s bodies. We add flattering and stylish detailing, and make an effort to be socially and environmentally conscious.

What we value most, as fellow equestrians, is togetherness, gratitude, and partnership between horse and rider. As a brand, ETHOS is built on this genuine love and appreciation for horses.



Stefanie is a lifelong horse lover with over 20 years of experience as a stylist and costume designer within entertainment and advertising. When she picked up riding after a few years out of the saddle and needed to go shopping for breeches, she found herself frustrated at the limitations of the existing offering.

Now a mom to daughter Logan, Stefanie struggled to find a pair of breeches that checked all the boxes of what she was looking for: a flattering fit, functionality, style, and durability.

That’s when Stefanie decided that she would combine her fashion career with her passion for horses and design the perfect pair of breeches - and that’s how ETHOS EQUESTRIAN began.

Stefanie is a student of energy healing, practicing reiki and massage therapy on horses, so she let the values of connection, energy exchange, and mutual respect with horses guide the mission of the company from the start. That ethos permeates every aspect of the brand to this day.



Renée “Sia” Ericson first sat on a horse when she was two years old - and fell asleep. She’s been dreaming about horses ever since, and since joining forces with Stefanie for the rebirth of ETHOS in 2023, she’s been living horses, too.

As a daughter of Swedish diplomats, Sia grew up in different parts of the world, but wherever the family moved, her parents ensured that she always had a barn where she could take lessons. It wasn’t until after a business and economics degree, some work experience in finance and communications, a stint in medical school, and a move to Los Angeles that Sia finally got her first horse, Crudelia.

And that’s how Sia met Stef <3

Stefanie would ask Sia (and others who shared their trainer) for input and feedback as she was designing the very first breech, the Logan. Sia subsequently bought a pair from the very first batch, and was instantly sold. She’s been a devoted supporter of ETHOS ever since, and is now in charge of finance- and marketing-related activities.