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The Lolie Fair-Weather Vest in Brilliant Black

The Lolie Fair-Weather Vest in Brilliant Black

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This is the vest that you wont want to take off!

The Lolie Fair-Weather Vest the perfect length for riding.  Lightweight, straight slim-fit with athletic ribbed side panels so you can move freely while riding and doing chores around the barn.  The pockets are lined with soft flannel to keep your hands toasty warm.  Patina'd leather zip pulls, ensure easy and quick access for easy zippering.  There is a handy hidden inside pocket.  And of course all pockets have plenty of room for a cell phone and multiple treats.   Plus, she pairs nicely with all the new Izzy ribbed pullovers. 

Made for mid temp weather & thin enough to layer under a jacket for perfect layering on cold days.  

Wash in cold water with like colors.  Hang dry.

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